What. The. Heck.


According to rumors circulating the internet via forum boards, customer service inboxes and Facebook groups some weird things have been happening in the amazon Selling community.   


Purportedly all hyperlinks inside of Buyer-Seller follow up emails were completely removed for a period of more than 5 days.


Reports (and responses from Amazon) vary but many assert that this issue could easily have affected every single Amazon seller who has sent follow up emails to their customers.


Don’t think you weren’t affected because you follow the Amazon TOS, even links that are compliant and stay on the “Amazon.com” domain were removed, according to most reports.


Just to clarify, while the content of the emails still managed to make it to the customers just fine, any links within those messages were completely removed*!


*Although it does appear that plaintext links were not affected by this.


What we know so far is that reports of this began at approx. 9pm PST on January 31st and lasted until approx. 2-3pm PST on February 5th.


There have been few responses from Amazon in regards to this problem.


We reached out directly to our contacts at Amazon to inquire what was going on, but no one seemed to be sure what happened.


One plausible explanation was given by an Amazon employee to individuals on a forum board where sellers were talking about this very issue.


This response was much different than the one above. According to “Jason_MWS”, their was an issue with “BSM” (Buyer-Seller Messaging) that cause the system to strip out links that should have been allowed. He also claims that the issue has been corrected (as of yesterday).


Below is a screenshot of his response on the forum board:

*Reference link: https://sellercentral.amazon.com/forums/t/links-being-removed-from-html-email-by-buyer-seller-messaging-service/357016/8


This explanation seems to be reasonable and honest!


…While I would prefer that this issue never happened in the first place (as it affected my businesses too) I know that we Amazon sellers deserve to know the truth of what went on!


This is important to me (and should be to you too) because the events in question have the ability to massively impact the number of reviews, feedback and customer complaints we receive as sellers.


Now, if you’re reading this and wondering what the big deal is with a few days of messed up follow up emails, let me explain…


In today’s world the most effective way you can get reviews/feedback as an Amazon seller is by differentiating yourself from the competition.


One of the best ways to do this is by providing such an amazing buying experience for your customers that they want to leave you positive reviews/feedback. If you do an amazing-enough job they may even remember your brand or store and come back for more products in the future!


And the best way to provide your customers with the buying experience they deserve is to follow up with them after the sale by sending useful and engaging emails!


Inside of these emails sellers can provide useful information about anything relating to the purchase, from facts about the product itself, to shipping information.

Many sellers include links in the message that conveniently direct buyers to the proper pages to track delivery, leave reviews and feedback, contact customer support and more!


Millions of items are sold on Amazon every single day. Both big and small sellers depend on product reviews and seller feedback to maintain their sales.


If Amazon did accidentally strip all Buyer Seller Messages of all links for a period of 5 days or more, the implications could be massive!


Those emails, if sent properly, could have easily turned out in hundreds of thousands of reviews and feedback.


Since Amazon relies on product reviews and seller feedback scores to help sell products to customers on its platform this matters immensely to all parties involved.


If you’re a savvy Amazon seller who sends email follow up there’s a very high chance that customers may have wanted to leave you a review or feedback during this blackout period but didn’t have a convenient way of doing so… and therefore never did.


Even though this was a temporary occurrence, it certainly put a lot of sellers (and Amazon themselves) at risk of loosing future revenue over the course of those 5 days.


And how do we know all this went down? …because here at Kibly we specialize in providing high quality email follow up for Amazon sellers.


Many of the sellers who use our platform reached out to support and asked us what was going on and we feel that it is our duty to educate as many sellers as to what is happening in the Amazon world.


What’s even crazier about this development is that almost NO ONE seems to be talking about it!


I highly recommend that you (if you haven’t already) go check out the “sent messages” page inside of your seller central dashboard. Look at the messages sent between 1/31-2/5/18 and see if they had working links! If they were supposed to contain links and they now appear to be missing please contact the Seller Support department and ask them what happened!


We would also love to know what you find! The more info we have as a selling community the more powerful we are!


Please comment below with your findings and share this article with any of you Amazon selling friends as possible!