As Entrepreneurs, we understand the value of money and the caution evoked when it comes to committing to pay for anything on a monthly subscription.

Those sneaky numbers can add up right?!

Which is why we wanted to offer you something much more flexible. We call it, the Free Forever Plan™ and it is pay-as-you-go in its most glorious form.

Let’s break it down.

Firstly, when we say FREE, we mean it! Absolutely no monthly subscriptions.

We believe that caring for our customers means having a “no strings attached,” kind of relationship.

Now let’s talk about FOREVER.

Like forever, forever?…….yep, till death do us part.

We are confident that your business is going to grow, and if we can be there to support you, that’s enough for us.

We aren’t the kind of people who get jealous of your success and then make you pay for it.

So how does this plan actually work?

Think of it like self-serve Froyo. You can try samples, customize your amount, and add whatever toppings you want! 🍦

Free Samples!


Sticking to this analogy, let’s start with those free samples! We are offering free features for you to use any time you want, and we won’t limit how many times you use them.

These “samples” are features like our Link Shortener™ tool and our
Feedback Tracker™.


Our Link Shortener™ shortens those long and unsightly links so that you can make your social media posts, promo emails, and any other kind of marketing campaign your running, not only aesthetically pleasing but concise as well. 

It also tracks and records the number of clicks each link has and where that click came from geographically.

This is geared to help you find and target your market, ensuring that your marketing budget is put to good use!


Our Feedback Tracker allows you to see all of your Seller Feedback in your Kibly Dashboard by directly integrating with your Amazon Account.

It will also alert you to any negative feedback you may receive so that you can easily manage and maintain the “health” of your seller account.

No more switching back and forth, it’s all right there!

These features will ALWAYS be free to you. Even if you don’t use any of our other features.

Get started on your Free Forever Plan™ now!!!

Let’s get back to my “sweet” analogy! 🍦😉


Powerful Serve-Yourself Features!


Anytime you go get Froyo there are certain things you have control over. Things like toppings, flavor, and the amount of yogurt itself.

In this way, our Free Forever Plan™ is totally customizable.

You only pay for what you use! Enjoy the power to choose which feature and the quantity in which you use it!

There aren’t any regulations, and we won’t impose any rules on you.

In business the higher the risk, the higher the reward. Here at Kibly, we think being an entrepreneur is risk enough and we want to reward you for going for it!

On our pay-as-you-go plan, you will have access to all of our impressive features like Sendpost™, KiblyConnect™, and our tried and tested Follow Up Email Templates.


SendPost™ is our revolutionary tool that takes the old concept of direct mail and completely revitalizes it!

Use SendPost™ to send your buyers postcards that help you launch new products, reach buyers who have “opted-out” of receiving seller emails, promote items, and make a lasting connection with your customers!

Create an automated postcard follow-up sequence and send postcards that contain a link/ QR code that takes the buyer directly to your page to leave a raving review!

But that’s just one type of postcard!

There are so many different types of postcards that you can send and each postcard is completely customizable.


You also have access to KiblyConnect™!

KiblyConnect™ is an innovative tool that allows Kibly to take the addresses/phone numbers of your customers and find the emails that belong to them.

If you’re a seller on Amazon, you know that your emails go through Amazon’s system to reach your buyer and that your buyers’ actual email may remain unknown.

KiblyConnect™ uses reverse appending to get you those emails and allow you to reach your client more effectively!

Once you have these emails you can use our Follow-up Email Templates to connect with your buyers!

Our 1-click set up automatically schedules any of our Follow-up Email Templates to follow up with your customers, build relationships, and in turn get you glowing reviews and feedback!


Wholesale Discounts!


Only you know exactly what you need.

If you find yourself needing a lot, we have other plans for you that give you a financial break.

Yep, we are talking about wholesale people.

When you sign up to pay a monthly membership fee, Kibly will offer you a better rate for bulk!

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we are the perfect combination of Costco and Froyo!

I know, your welcome. 😎

Your success is our business! So what are you waiting for! Make your business a success!