How often do you hear the phrase “multi-channel marketing”?


It’s practically a buzzword.  I mean phrase? Buzz-phrase? Never mind.


The question is: does this phrase apply to you?


Yes, yes it does.


Multi-Channel Marketing


Multi-channel marketing refers to the use of different platforms in your marketing campaigns. We’re talking Social Media, Display Ads, Retargeting, Email, Youtube and Direct Mail. (Honestly, there is a myriad of platforms and the options are many.)


By using these different platforms together, you dramatically increase your response rate percentages.


We’re talking up to a 5X increase by combining those three platforms alone!


The more touch points you have with your client, the more likely they are to respond.




I call it the law of familiarity.


Think of it this way. If you were on social media and someone (you have never seen before) randomly requested to follow/friend you, wouldn’t you be a little… hesitant…? Might you even decline them right away?


What if on that same website you received a request from someone you often see at your fitness class, coffee shop, and local grocery store? Wouldn’t you would be much more likely to accept?


Let’s look at how the addition of channels can affect the response percentage of just one campaign.


When you exclusively use direct mail the response percentage is about 6%. Now if you were to add either email or web channels to this platform, your response percentage increases to 27%.


Take all three of these platforms, use them collaboratively and you’re looking at a response percentage of 37%! That’s 5X your initial response rate!


The more platforms you use the more likely you are to acquire new customers and the better your buyer/seller relationship will be.


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We know you’re awesome and it’s time they know it too.


New Feature: Link Shortening Tool


As sellers, we can’t control which platform reaches which buyer. In fact, one of the most frustrating things in multi-channel marketing can be not knowing which channels to use.


It is imperative to keep track of which channels have been receiving the most traffic. Here at Kibly, we help with that by offering our new Link Shortening tool.


This feature allows you to view the “click traffic,” for each shortened link you create.  This means you have access to know what website the clicker came from, and the geographic location of that person who “clicked.”


As the name suggests, it also shortens those long links, making them perfect to use on all of your different channels and social media platforms.


Our aim at Kibly is to make multi-channel marketing more manageable for you.


New Feature: Direct Mail Marketing


One of our goals is to increase the effectiveness of your traditional and emerging channels such as email and direct mail.


It is strange to think of direct mail as an emerging channel, but in all honesty, that’s what it is!


For years’ direct mail has ceased to be the most used channel of communication due to cost and technological restrictions. As a result, most small-mid sized companies have stopped incorporating it into their marketing efforts.


This is why combining direct mail with your online marketing is completely innovative!  


This channel is accessible, practical, and cost-effective when you use one of our newest software tools SendPost™. 


SendPost™ allows you to send direct mail to your buyer after they have made a purchase, both as a follow-up or a promotional offer.


(ehhemm: multi-channel marketing) 👆


But what if you don’t have your buyers email??


Coming this November, Kibly Connect™ is going to be a fully live on our platform!


This innovative tool allows Kibly to take the addresses/phone numbers of your customers and find the emails that belong to them.


If you’re a seller on Amazon, you know that your emails go through Amazon’s system in order to reach your buyer. With Amazon acting as an intermediary you don’t know your buyers’ actual email.


Essentially, this means that you don’t have full access to your buyers.


That’s why we put in the work to go find your customers’ real email address! Giving you the ability to communicate with your buyer, no middle-mamazon.


Get it?


Multi-channel marketing doesn’t have to be complicated! Here at Kibly, we are dedicated to making it as straightforward and as simple as possible!


Get ahead of the game and start using our awesome features like SendPost, Link Shortener, and Kibly Connect completely free!


We aren’t even scratching the surface of what Kibly can do here; we have so much more to offer! 


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