Direct mail… it’s still a thing. Direct mail to Amazon customers… never really been a thing.


But it isn’t really on the radar of most modern day marketers. With eCommerce dominating the way we buy and sell, and email being the primary method of communication, we aren’t used to getting anything in our mailbox that is actually worth looking at.


Usually all we ever get are bills and “unasked-for” solicitation letters in the mail, and they mostly just end up as trash can fodder.


But is direct mail really all just bills and junkmail? Let’s ponder on that for a minute…


As it turns out, if you run an eCommerce business and do everything digitally, there’s a HUGE opportunity waiting for you in using physical mail.


For example, sending something in the mail to your customers is a great way to make your business stand out to them. There’s a significant type of nostalgia and personalization that comes from getting a physical letter directed to you, personally.


This is a surefire way to build brand loyalty within your customers. Brand loyalty breeds repeat business, it also turns your customers into brand evangelists.


There’s just one major issue that comes with forming direct mailing campaigns as a small-medium sized business owner: the exorbitant cost.


It’s true, compared to keeping things purely digital, going the direct mail route (pun intended) can prove to be a costly endeavor.


The largest companies on earth leverage direct mail for their marketing efforts. So there’s no need for proof of concept. We know this works! They just happen to already have all the money and infrastructure they need to do it.


This puts many smaller businesses at a disadvantage. You could be missing out on a powerful way to skyrocket your sales and gain repeat customers, just because you don’t have the capital to put everything in motion.


But there’s a silver lining, because it’s not the cost of sending direct mail alone that is the hinderance. It’s actually a lack of cost-effectiveness when formulating your direct mail strategy.


In other words, you don’t have to spend as much money as you think, as long as you do it right.


Target, Target, Target!


A surefire way to waste your entire marketing budget in one fell swoop, is to do the direct mail equivalent of an email blast.


Direct mail is one area where you DON’T want to cast a wide net. Just like in marketing on Facebook, you must hyper-target your audience and know exactly who you are sending to if you want to be successful.


A good place to start with sending direct mail would be to your existing customers. You can start with something as simple as a handwritten “thank you” note, personally directed to that customer to thank them for their business.


This immediately makes your customers feel connected with your brand. Plus, it’s the closest you can get to having a one-on-one conversation with your eCommerce customers.


This is where the loyalty begins. Your customers will almost feel a moral obligation to continue using you as their provider for whatever types of products they buy from you.


I’ll use myself as an example. I buy electric guitar strings from a small company based out of Nashville, Tennessee. I started using them just to give their stuff a try. But every time they would send me product, it would include a handwritten thank you note. Since then, it’s been over a year and a half and I haven’t ONCE bought strings from anywhere else. Even the thought alone of sending my business elsewhere makes me feel a little guilty.


Imagine YOUR customers having the same thoughts about your products. It’s simply invaluable.


If you wanted to take things a step further, it wouldn’t hurt to make things a little more exclusive. Especially since it can be unreasonable to have to spend hours and hours handwriting cards for people. That all depends on how dense of a customer base you have.


If you have hundreds of customers, you could segment them into specific categories that would merit a handwritten note. For example, if someone bought one of your more premium products, or maybe they bought a bundle of stuff from you at once, you can save the handwritten notes for them. Exclusivity and personalization makes people feel special.


Test The Waters


All in all, just like with digital marketing, you want to run tests. This is where you have to be okay with biting the profit bullet for a short time so you can collect valuable and essential data.


Try to find out what brings in the most repeat business by split testing different types of direct mail that goes to your customers.


Thank you notes may or may not perform as well as, say, some free swag that came with their purchase. Like a sticker or branded bottle opener.


It’s important that you keep track of what performs the best and put your marketing budget towards doubling down on that.


By making small adjustments to your direct mail approach and testing them out on your customers, you’ll be able to collect enough data to formulate a winning strategy that brings in the most sales. What can be cooler than breaking your expected profits down to a science?!


Cool…But Is There A Shortcut?


In most cases, there are no ways around putting in the groundwork for something like direct mail campaigning.


If you’re a small business, chances are you don’t have customer numbers in the hundreds. Which means that getting bulk discounts of physical mail materials is not an option.


On top of that, it would mean that things like designing the postcard, collecting the addresses, writing the messages, would all need to be done by you manually. That’s a full-time job in and of itself.


And if you decided to try and print everything yourself, it would be even more costly than hiring someone else to do it!


HOWEVER (again with the silver lining) a method has been recently developed that completely automates the process of sending direct mail to your customers if you are an Amazon seller.


I’m talking about “Send Post”, powered by Kibly. Never before has an Amazon seller gotten access to a tool that takes all of the aforementioned things required for an effective physical mail strategy, and completely automates it!


Not only does this take the labor-intensive requirements of sending direct mail off your hands, but it will enable you to put more focus on targeting and testing without worrying about all the logistics and groundwork involved.


Also, it’s WAY more cost-effective than doing it yourself. Imagine getting the benefits of direct mailing for your business without the hard manual work and the exorbitant cost. Send Post is exactly what you need to make that a reality.


The best part is, so you can experience it for yourself, Kibly is going to hook you up by sending 100 FREE follow-up postcards to your customers that are fully customized to your brand and your product! It’ll be just like customizing and sending an email, but it’ll actually arrive in their mailbox! All this is accessible within the Kibly dashboard. 


Plus, Kibly comes with a 14-day free trial so you have the opportunity to not only try out the groundbreaking new Send Post feature, but you can also make use of their industry-leading, follow up email campaigns.


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