100% open rates… Sounds crazy, right?


As you know email marketing has become an increasingly difficult endeavor for eCommerce businesses.


This is especially true for Amazon sellers. After the mass unsubscribe incident of 2017, (when Amazon first began allowing customers to opt-out of email follow-up) sellers were left with no way to contact a large percentage of their customers!


Many of us were frustrated and stressed out by this, because all we want to do is communicate our customers!


…and since no real solution for this problem was ever created, many of us are still stressin’ to this day.


To make the situation even worse, Amazon has created a number of strict guidelines dictating what your email follow-up messages can contain. If you follow those rules perfectly, it’s very difficult to really connect with your customers in a meaningful way.


That puts us sellers in a very hard place, because communication with your customers is how they get to know your brand and develop a relationship with it.

The more your customers get to know your brand, the more they will want to buy from you again. They will also be more likely to leave seller feedback and reviews for your business, because they like your products and want you to succeed.


Establishing a loyal customer base through high quality communication is necessary for increasing your sales and building sellable, scalable brand.


That is why getting in touch with your customers is so important!


It’s also why declining open rates on follow-up emails are such a big deal!


The “open rate” I’m talking about is the percentage of people who open your emails once they show up in their inbox.


Open rates have declined over the past few years. It has gotten so bad that most Amazon sellers are settling for open rates in the 1%-5% range.


Makes sense, considering how much we are bombarded with emails every day….but think about what that means to you!


If you sell 100 items on Amazon, only 1-5 people will ever actually see your follow-up messages!


That means you’re missing out on communicating with 95% (or more) of the people who buy from you.


There are things you could do to help boost your open rates, provocative and “clickbaity” subject lines are a popular choice, for example. But not every seller is also a master copywriter.


So, what can you do to combat this downturn of email open rates? Email messaging, while still a powerful form of marketing, can only be stretched so far.


The answer lies in using a completely different communication method.


Pretty much anyone you talk to can attest to scrolling through an endless barrage of emails every day and only opening up a handful of ones that are either relevant to their needs, or interesting enough to click on.


But those very same people will tell you, that when they receive messages in the form of physical mail, they tend to open every envelope they get (unless of course they’re trying to avoid bill collectors or something).


Physical or direct mail, is the answer to getting your messages the open rates they deserve.


“But wait”… you may be thinking… “Since when can Amazon sellers afford to spend the time or money necessary to manually send direct mail to each of their customers? Also, isn’t that a bit antiquated?”


Here’s the beauty of the current state of digital marketing. The advent of high-speed internet has allowed companies and businesses of all sizes to afford a way to market to the masses in the digital space.


Most companies (particular the “smaller” ones) have gone completely digital and do not send physical mail. While the larger (and fewer) corporations still continue to send physical mail to this day because they have the manpower, money and infrastructure necessary to make it worthwhile.


When it comes to eCommerce sellers, especially those selling on Shopify, Amazon or Ebay you almost NEVER hear about them sending direct mail to their customers.


This means that people’s mailboxes at home are emptier than ever before…and their email inboxes are absolutely packed.


This presents a MASSIVE opportunity to market to your customers as an online seller on Amazon, regardless of the size of your business.


“But why haven’t sellers started doing this already, if it’s so powerful and effective?” You may be thinking again…


The reason is that small-to-medium-sized sellers simply don’t have the infrastructure and resources to make direct mail campaigning work for them in a cost-effective way.


That is, until now.


Thanks to “Send Post”, powered by Kibly, you now have the power to leverage your very own postcard sending service that can automatically follow up with your Amazon customers!


Kibly provides the very same infrastructure and resources that sellers need to send direct mail messages to their customers and get those coveted 100% open rates.


Since we print and ship these postcards for sellers all over the US we can extend the bulk discounts we get from the USPS to you!


Our prices are as low as $0.50/postcard with shipping and tax included.


The best part? Sending a beautifully designed and fully personalized follow-up postcard is now just as easy as sending an email for Kibly users.


The postcards, just like emails, are completely customizable by you and personalized to the recipient. Giving you the opportunity to make an amazing impression on your customers!


Plus these postcards aren’t being sent through Amazon, so no one will be censoring your messages or trying to tell you what you can and cannot say to your customers.


Our tests have shown that follow-up postcards containing a buyers’ name and info on their specific purchase catches their attention and lets them know that they are special to you!  

This fosters brand loyalty and will not only make your customers happy, it will motivate them to leave positive reviews/feedback and hopefully buy from you again in the future.


Not only is this a powerful new way to expose your branding to your customers, it will also help you turn buyers into repeat customers, create brand recognition, and generate positive reviews/feedback.


Even if people don’t leave you a 5-Star review or positive Seller Feedback your brand will still stand out to them simply because of the unique experience they had when buying from you (receiving a thank-you postcard).


…And it keeps getting better…


Kibly’s beloved and famous “1-Click” automation function, which allows a user to set up and schedule an entire email campaign with literally a single click, has been applied to sending postcards as well.


You can literally send postcards to your customers and customize them just as easily as you can emails!


What’s most exciting of all about this new development, is that NEVER BEFORE has this been done in the history of online selling.


This is certainly a red-letter day for Amazon sellers (pun intended). And by reading this, you are among the first to hear the awesome news!


In fact, right now Kibly is offering it’s users $100 worth of FREE postcards once you sign up for their 14-day free trial! All you have to do is go to the Kibly dashboard, click on the “mailbox” icon and follow the instructions.


Existing Kibly users can go to that same mailbox icon in your dashboard so go sign in and collect your free postcard credits (if you haven’t already).


You are now just a few clicks away from achieving 100% open rates. Join the Amazon seller direct mail revolution and possess the same marketing power as the biggest companies in the world!