If you’re an Amazon Seller and you’ve never heard of Asteroid Aim, make sure you don’t miss out on these guys!


Astroid Aim is an awesome service that optimizes your Amazon store to gradually bring in more traffic and higher conversions. Plus, they offer a TON of free and amazing content to their followers on social media.


Let’s be honest, their logo is pretty sweet too.


Recently, Kibly’s Operations Manager Eddie made an appearance on their YouTube show/podcast talking about what it takes to bring in more reviews.


… especially since now is the hardest it’s been (historically) for sellers to bring in more reviews than ever before.


Patrick from Asteroid Aim posted the interview with Eddie on their YouTube channel, which you should definitely subscribe to and absorb the actionable and informative content that they put out for you!


Personally, I really enjoy what they do and like the way they present their stuff.


Without further ado, here’s Eddie and Patrick from Asteroid Aim talking about the best way to get MORE reviews in a time where it’s never been more challenging. Enjoy!