There has been a MASSIVE shift in climate for Amazon sellers the past few years. Back in the day (the good ole days) you didn’t have to be a savvy eCommerce brand guru to make a ton of money selling products on Amazon.


In fact, you could be a complete business amateur and still rake in those profits. The main reason for that is because the level of competition was much, much smaller then.


Back then you could just post your listings and there was a high chance that your products would be seen and purchased.


Don’t you miss those days? We do too.


But by applying the “adapt or die” principle here, let’s take a look at what we need to do TODAY to crush sales on Amazon.


You’ll start to see that dominating your niche and staying on top is simpler than you think!


The Latest and Greatest


Nowadays, there is a hefty amount of increasingly qualified competition that occupies the Amazon space. This means the days of amateur Amazon millionaires are pretty much over.


But there’s good news to this! And that is, in order to become an expert selling machine, all you need to do is focus on this one particular tactic…


Providing high-quality customer experiences on AND off Amazon.


Might seem obvious, right? Well it goes deeper than that. Plus there are multiple layers to this strategy.


As you already know, Amazon’s primary focus is being completely customer-centric. Which means as a seller doing business in Amazon’s domain, you must be customer-centric as well.


You may be thinking that you already provide a pretty awesome experience for your customers. But your results in the form of sales and reviews are what truly tell the tale.


If you feel that your sales and reviews could be better (and let’s be honest… don’t we all?) then you’re already at the right starting point.


The #1 principle is that your focus on the customer experience is what will truly drive your business to success in 2018 and beyond.


So how exactly do you do that? Especially when you feel like you’ve already done everything you can to be customer-centric. Let’s take a look…


First Impressions… pun intended


The first thing you should take a look at is your content. What value in the form of information or entertainment are you providing for your customers?


Better yet, what value are you giving to potential customers, aka the ones who have seen you, but haven’t yet bought from you…


This value comes in the form of your ads. And not just your ads on Seller Central.


Facebook and Instagram ads continuously prove to be an effective marketing tool for selling products on Amazon.


If you are currently running ads on those platforms, you need to stay current on how your ads are performing.


And if your ads aren’t getting conversions (meaning people clicking onto your listing and buying your product), then you need to take a look at the quality of your content.


Content is what allows people to connect with your brand. That connection is the most valuable asset to you as an Amazon seller.


Why? Because when people are connecting with your brand, you are building brand loyalty. Not only does that bring customers, but makes them repeat customers.


For example, master marketing superstar Neil Patel did an open-ended survey this year to find out what causes people to engage with his brand the most.


Most people responded with either seeing Neil at conferences and talking with him, or watching videos of him.


Those videos, especially, were what helped the audience build that connection with him. Which in turn led to them becoming loyal fans and buyers of his products.


Since you’re an Amazon seller, it’s doubtful that you’d be meeting your customers by going to conferences. So making content videos are your best bet.


Content videos make excellent ads for Facebook and Instagram, which are the platforms you should be taking advantage of to drive traffic to your Amazon listings.


You can use software like FirstPage, for example, which is meant to hyper-focus your targeting on Facebook and Instagram so your most qualified audience gets exposed to your brand.


By having FirstPage in your arsenal, you’ll have a high-quality content marketing machine at your disposal and will multiply the amount of eyeballs that fall on your ads.


Use Your Own Voice


Getting your brand out there and building your loyal audience is only the beginning.


Once your audience feels a connection and trusts your brand, it’s much easier to get them to desire the products you’re offering.


By now you have fans who love you and your products, so you need to love them even more. After all, they’re what keeps your business going and going.


And even after they buy from you once already, it’s an invitation for you to follow up with them in a meaningful way.


Everyone can appreciate good communication, but nobody appreciates spam. So your follow up strategy has to really keep the customer in mind.


You care about whether or not they had the most awesome experience buying from you, as well as using your products. And if they were to have any issues, you would be quick to solve them and make your customers feel like they matter.


Kibly was designed to streamline your customer follow-up process and keep that personal connection going, regardless of how many customers you have.


Having the opportunity to send a message to your customer should be done with care and enthusiasm.


With Kibly, you can customize and create your own email templates that reflect your brand identity and niche.


You can also include some helpful tips, articles, tutorials, or entertaining content in your follow up messages so your customers continue to connect with your brand the way they did from the very beginning.




Creating engaging and compelling content all the way to cultivating a meaningful channel of communication with your customers: these are the ways you can be truly customer-centric as a seller on Amazon.


This process is done before AND after your customers even purchase anything from you. It’s all about building the relationship and turning your buyers into a legion of loyal and raving fans.


By utilizing this tactic of high-quality customer experience, you are well on your way to utterly dominating your niche and creating a lasting brand and business.