If You’re Not Upgrading Your Out-Dated.


So lemme upgrade you! 


In the business world everything is constantly changing, and if you can’t keep up, you’re no longer in business.


Our team at Kibly works hard to give you cutting-edge tools that set you apart. Our most recent upgrades provide you with Brand Consistency, more Feedback/Reviews, plus added Security & Convenience.


Brand Consistency & Reach


No matter how good your product is, if you aren’t communicating with your buyers, the probability of them leaving you a positive review/rating is minimal.


…and we all know on Amazon ratings/reviews can make or break your business.


At Kibly, we tackle this problem from every angle!


One way is through our “One-Click” automated follow-up emails.


After each sale we automatically send your clients follow-up emails (from you) asking about the product they purchased, giving them any necessary info about the product (including how to get in touch with you should a problem arise) and thanking them for shopping with you.


…and you can set this up for all your products in less than 5 minutes!


The fact is Kibly users usually see their reviews spike up by 500% or more when compared to not using a follow up email service.


We know how incredibly important it is for you, as a private label seller, to have complete brand consistency with your follow-up email designs, flows, and social media posts.


What this kind of consistency communicates to your customer is professionalism, quality, and authenticity.


We also know that communicating with your customers in a meaningful way is critical to long-term success, and expanding the reach of your communication with them increases the likelihood of this happening.


Keep reading to see how our dedication to innovation is making everything I just mentioned possible like never before.


SendPost Freestyle Editor


…And yes, it is as cool as it sounds.


We have re-worked our revolutionary SendPost* editor to increase your ability to personalize and customize the postcards you send to your customers.


(*If you don’t already know, SendPost is a feature that allows you to send beautifully designed and fully personalized postcards to your customers, including those who have opted out of receiving email follow up)  


We are talking next level customization.


The reason why this is so important to us is that we understand the power of personal touch.


If you want to take the time and create your very own custom designed postcard to send to customers, you should have that option!


Our Freestyle Editor is easy to use and is delivered to your customers looking exactly like what you see on your screen.


If you’re already a Kibly user all you have to do to checkout this awesome new feature is Click Here, then click on the button that says “Toggle Freestyle Editor” on the top right of your screen! 


If you aren’t a Kibly user yet then Click Here to sign up for your 14 day free trial


It’s LIT-erally that easy, but let’s move on.


Client List Uploader


Our second update to provide you with more brand consistency and reach is our “Client List Upload” tool.


We wanted to make it possible for you to send personalized postcards to any of your customers, even if they didn’t buy from you on Amazon…SO WE DID!


If you sell on platforms such as Walmart.com, Shopify, Etsy, Ebay, your own website, or basically anywhere else, you can simply upload your customer’s names and addresses and with the click of a button send them a fully customized postcard.


This gives you the opportunity to use targeted and personalized direct mail marketing to to contact previously unreachable audiences quickly and easily, and it gives you something that every successful brand has, consistent communication across all of their sales platforms.


Coupon Templates


Our coupon templates are designed so that you can instantly send your buyer a postcard, via SendPost, containing an coupon code for your eCommerce store.


We formatted this coupon for you because part of our job is to do the little things, so you don’t have to.


You can use these awesome new templates to sell more of your products to people who are already buying from you.


You can also use these templates to launch new products, or get struggling products more sales!


Click Here to go check them out.


Link Shortener


Have you ever tried to post something on social media containing a link, but the link was just too long?


(Not to mention unsightly!)


Our new Link Shortener helps you create custom links that are easily remembered and recognizable by your buyers.


Shortening your link communicates thought, which immediately translates to quality.


Not only does this new tool shorten your links, it also tracks what website your “clicker” came from and where they are physically located.


This allows you to measure the success of your marketing efforts, monitor the source of your traffic and it helps you strategically plan your marketing in the future.


Rather than spending money on marketing in the hopes that someone will buy, know who will, and target them.


Feedback & Reviews


Having quality feedback is one of the surest ways to improve your business and instantly see results. But we know on Amazon, negative feedback can result in disaster…


So we created a brand new feature that helps you not only track but control, negative feedback.


Give it up for:


The “Five Star Review Template


This email template contains a five-star rating system and can be automatically sent to any buyer that has made a purchase. Basically, we ask your buyer how they felt about your service and give them an opportunity to rate it in a beautifully formatted email.


Sounds cool right? Well that’s just the beginning.


This template also stops you from getting negative product reviews.


How does it pull that off?!


If your customer decides to give you a 4 or 5 star review then they will be sent directly to the product review page on Amazon with the number of stars pre-selected!


…But if the person who receives the email decides to give your product a low rating (1-3 stars) they will be sent to your seller feedback page.


Once they leave a negative “product review” on your seller feedback page you can have it removed by Amazon.


Why is this allowed?


It’s because the negative statement made by the customer is about a product and not their experience with you the seller (basically they put their product review in the wrong place).


Not only can you get the negative product review removed from your seller feedback page, you can also take the opportunity to get in touch with the customer and fix their problem.


This creates a win-win for everybody! Giving you great customer insights & the opportunity to fix issues, without the backlash that comes with negative product reviews.


Now you have the helpful feedback you need to improve your business while maintaining your pages’ good standing.


Clever right?? Check it out here.


Security & Convenience


Your security matters to us and so does your convenience. You are our partner, and we want to protect you and your business in any way that we can.


We know security is often tied to complexity, and we wanted to change that!


Here are some of the main reasons we updated our system so that Kibly is now compatible with Developer I.D.’s


Developer I.D. Compatibility


Previously for us to gain access to your business to help you grow, we needed to use your Market Web Service (MWS) Key.


This gave us full admittance to your business within different Amazon marketplaces so we could give you the tools you need to succeed. Hey, that rhymed!


Developer I.D.’s still allow us to integrate with your business, but they provide you with another level of protection to keep your business safe and secure.


This way, we can give you access to all of our features and updates while helping you maintain your security at the same time.


So many updates, so many different ways to fine-tune your business into an automated, professional, and consistent machine. Our job at Kibly is to make your life easier, and we have been working hard to do precisely that!


Don’t have Kibly? You should! We want to give you complete access to all of these new updates. Sign up now and get a FREE 14 Day trial. We want to see your business grow and become the best that it can be!