(Disclaimer: consider this read a healthy dose of tough love)


“Oh look! Another online business opportunity to create an ‘extra source of income’.” 🙄


“What a surprise! Another crypto guru offering ‘insider trade secrets’.” 😤


“Get a load of this! Another rich online entrepreneur looking to give you some ‘consulting’.” 🤬


We’ve all seen those ads before. Some of us listen, others laugh at them.


But one thing they all have in common? Some people like to call them “scams”.


If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just check out the comments section of the next Facebook or Instagram ads you see…


Chances are you’ll find plenty of negativity. I mean, it’s the Internet.


But strangely, nobody on the other side of it seems to talk about the fact that this happens, or at least try to understand why it happens.


So I’ve decided to share my two cents on the matter, and I think I can speak for a lot of other online marketers out there.


First thing’s first, if you’re one of those people who likes to judge most online opportunities as “scams”…


…it’s totally okay and I get it. I know there is a LOT of sketchy stuff out there.


There are people that even think the same about OUR stuff, so I’m no stranger to it.


But why does this happen?


Do those people just fear what they don’t understand?…


Are they insecure about their own ability to make a positive change in their lives?


Or do they actually think they know something the rest of us don’t? Maybe…


Or maybe they have had their hopes and expectations betrayed by some past experience that affects their mindset to this day.


Whichever one or combination of those is true, I get it. Seriously. And this article is not meant to pass judgement on those people (including you, if you happen to be one of them).


HOWEVER, this article IS meant to rattle the cages a bit and offer some perspective that might not otherwise have occurred to them (or you).


Your Own Worst Enemy


At the end of the day, calling everything a scam without actually knowing the whole story is a straight up self-limiting belief that negatively affects you as well as anyone who listens to you.


And I mean negative in a BIG way. 👎🏼


In fact, there is a real-world possibility that that very same self-limiting belief is what’s stopping you from getting the things you really want out of life.


And I mean things like…financial freedom, more time to spend with loved ones, an overall better quality of life…


All those things that many of these biz ops and gurus (legit or not) appeal to in order to get your attention.


But the fact is, the type of people who like to shout “SCAM!!” at everything (let’s call them “scam screamers”) probably don’t have any of those aforementioned things.


And probably never will…


Unless of course they completely shift their mindset.


But that’s their journey…


Who Do You Listen To?


The thing about scam screamers is that, to more enlightened people, they tend to appear as any or all of these things:


  • Less intelligent
  • Lacking in good judgement
  • Willing to prevent yourself AND others from taking real opportunities
  • Having a limited scope of understanding
  • Just a plain bummer of a person


I doubt anyone in their right mind would want to come off this way.


But that’s the frightening power of self-limiting belief: it can sabotage someone’s way of being and makes them appear like they don’t possess the potential they actually have!


Again, I know that there’s a lot of junk out there, and there are real scam artist scumbags out there. There’s no question about that.


BUT, just because they exist (even if they were a majority), does NOT mean that there aren’t LEGITIMATE opportunities that are out there as well.


Also, just because an opportunity didn’t work for some, doesn’t make it a scam either…


“Nooooo, I’m allergic to bummers!”


You don’t want to rob other people from that same opportunity, because it might actually work for them, even if it didn’t for someone else.


Real Eyes Realize Real Lies


The trick is knowing how to discern what is real and what is a scam. The lines aren’t as blurry as you might think they are.


If something looks even remotely scammy, don’t just declare it and then end it there. Look further and deeper to find out the truth of the situation. Don’t just sit on the sidelines to speculate, judge, and criticize.


Because, news flash: unless you have the facts or probable cause to prove it, your opinion won’t mean much to smart people.


Scams generally have similar patterns or hallmarks that set my scam radar off in a big way:


  • No publicly available information on the company or figurehead(s) presenting the opportunity
  • No transparency on the strengths and weaknesses of their business models
  • If they are making blatant income claims without any disclaimers
  • No working customer support contact info
  • Not clear on what their company even does or what it’s about


These are just a few of the things I look for when I see a potential opportunity. But what I DON’T do is just assume it’s a “scam” and move onto the next thing that I’ll probably also label a “scam”.


The point is, if you are branding something as a scam without knowing full well what it really is, and using social media as your soapbox to preach that, you could be perpetuating a LIE.


Not just any lie, but a lie that will cost the futures of the people who would believe your lie.


It’s important to understand that everything you do has a ripple effect. There are consequences to what you do and what you say to people.


Shake It Off, Shake It Off


If you’ve made it this far in the read, I appreciate you for sticking by me in this.


Whether this topic applies to you or not, it’s something that everyone who makes money online will deal with sooner or later.


Don’t let yourself or anyone else rob you of the real opportunities that are out there.


All you need to do is focus on building your knowledge and understanding so you can develop the ability to know what the real scams are.


Because real scams are out there, but who cares about them anyway? Seek out the real opportunities!


You’re smarter and more powerful than you realize. The same goes for the scam screamers whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em.


Have a noteworthy scam story that you’ve encountered? Or maybe you’re also weary of how many “scam screamers” are out there? Share your thoughts or experiences in the comments!