Why should people buy what you’re selling?

If you sell on Amazon, it’s very likely that you’re not the only one in your product niche. You’re dealing with a variety of other sellers that are all selling the same thing you’re offering. They’re even trying to prove that their products are somehow better than yours.

This is definitely the case for private-label sellers.

So… how are you supposed to set yourself apart from the rest of them? Especially if your products are pretty similar in quality and aesthetic.

The first thing you should do, I think, is realize that what you’re selling is not just a product. At the end of the day, you’re selling a brand. You’re selling a reason why.

Your brand is the main advantage that you have on your competition. It’s the one thing that they can’t anticipate or have control over.

Your brand is your secret weapon.

Amazon consumers are buying products left and right, all day long. And their options keep expanding, which can create a bit of an overwhelming buying experience.

This gives Amazon sellers the perfect opportunity to make their customers’ lives easier by showing them why they should stick with a small number of brands for all of their product needs.

How do you do this? By getting consumers to believe in you. That’s what your brand is supposed to do.

It’s all about the relationship.

As a seller, much of that relationship is based on communication.

That’s a huge reason why I created Kibly, for example. I wanted a tool that could help me maintain a good relationship with my customers, even if my business grew to the point that I had a whole lot of them to think about.

I realized this communication with my customers was vital to building brand loyalty and trust and creating repeat business. So I designed Kibly to help me do that. Once I realized how well it worked, I decided to make the software available to other Amazon sellers.

Brand loyalty determines your customer’s LTV (Lifetime Value). If they feel like they can trust you, they believe in your vision, and on top of that they also love your products, that’s the winning formula. 👌🏼

You will have a community of people who aren’t just your customers; they’re your loyal fans.

You can’t spell “trust” without “us”

For a customer to put trust in your brand, that lies in their buying experience with you. And one easy way to set yourself apart from your competition is to be straight up awesome to your customers.

Go above and beyond for them, give them all the kindness and empathy you can muster. Treat them as if they are the very reason you are in business.

Because they very much are.

This is a chance for you to have some fun and get creative. Think about the process a customer goes through when buying from you and sprinkle your unique brand magic on each step.

From dealing with customer support to including personalized letters in your product packaging, to even in the email messages you send to them, there are plenty of opportunities for you to make your customers love you!

But why though?

It’s important to let your customers know WHY you are in business. They need to know what your brand stands for, which should go beyond just selling products for the sake of making money.

If you sell yoga mats, for example, your selling point shouldn’t just be: “we make awesome yoga mats that are super comfortable, portable, and affordable!”

That’s all fine and dandy, but customers will most likely just look for another yoga mat on Amazon that does the same thing and sells for cheaper.

You should come from a place that a person can relate to, like: “we believe that life should be way less stressful, which is why we love the healing power of yoga. So we make sure our awesome yoga mats are super comfortable, portable and affordable!” That sends a much more effective message.

Quality earns quantity

This goes without saying, but the quality of your product should already be a top priority for your brand.

In fact, it’s the bare minimum requirement for your business to meet consumer standards these days.

You can’t get away with selling cheap products that don’t hold their value.

And why would you anyways?! If you have a strong reason to be in business that your customers believe in, the quality of your products should definitely be a reflection of that.

That being said, if you are outsourcing your manufacturing, it’s important to consider finding a quality control agent. They can be on the ground level monitoring the manufacturing process and making sure everything is meeting your standards if you are unable to do it yourself.

Maintaining a high standard of quality for your products is worth every investment necessary to your Amazon business.

These three important factors make a huge impact in building long-lasting customer LTV. Your customers deserve the same amount of love that you put into your business. Because let’s face it, they ARE your business.

There is nothing more powerful than loving your customers and them loving you back. That’s what building a brand is all about.

If you’ve hit a plateau in your Amazon business and don’t feel that you are getting enough new customers or positive reviews, take that as an opportunity to reinvent your brand. It takes a creative person to be an entrepreneur, so apply some of that creativity that I know you have.

Make your customers believe in what you’re doing, treat them like gold, and give them the top-quality products they deserve. Only then will you get to enjoy the benefits that YOU deserve.