Okay… this is pretty exciting 😬


While you all were sleeping, we’ve just activated our brand spankin’ new Kibly 2.0 layout! Surprise!!


“Whoa, when did this happen?!”


Some of you are already getting the full featured experience! To those who aren’t, let me give you a quick rundown of what the brand new Kibly can do 😎


It still has the full suite of features as the original, but now has a few more tricks up it’s sleeve like…

  • Live feed showing top reviews and feedbacks that updates daily.
  • New and improved Email Builder and Email Sequence Scheduler.
  • Updated dashboard displaying detailed graphical analytics.
  • Sleek and intuitive new design.


We have spent a lot of time revamping the Kibly you already know and love.


Now, it’s much simpler to use and offers up new ways to keep things organized!


With the new ability to see all of your reviews and feedback that come in, you never have to log into your Amazon account and manually look through your review/feedback history. And no more guessing!


If you haven’t yet claimed your FREE Kibly 14-day trial, be sure to sign up today!


Okay, enough talk! Time for you to log in and see the magic for yourself! Enjoy!!